Chorégraphies  Chorégraphes
 Soakin' Wet  Larry Bass
 Soft & Slow  Ed Lawton & Rob Fowler
 Solar Power  Gaye Teather
 Some Beach  Anne Marie Villeneuve & Red Leonard
 Some Beach  Helen Born & Nita Lindley
 Some Town Somewhere  Stéphane Cormier & Line Provencher
 Somebody Like You  Alan G. Birchall
 Somebody To Blame  Guylaine Bourdages & Roy Verdonk
 Something Good  Maggie Gallagher
 Something In The Air  Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick
 Something In The Water  Niels B. Poulsen
 Somewhere  Fabienne Guillon
 Somewhere Else  Darren "Daz" Bailey
 Somewhere In My Car  Rachael McEnaney
 Soul Shine Pizza  Rob Fowler
 South Of Santa Fe  Nathalie Pelletier
 Southern Delight  Rosella Corsi Lord & Fred Lord
 Southern Thing  Rob Fowler & Darren Bailey
 Speak To The Sky  Keith Davies
 Spirit Of The Hawk  Karl Cregeen
 Splish Splash  Jo Thompson
 Springsteen  Gail Smith
 Stampede  Massimo Diamanti
 Standing Outside  Joy Ashton
 Stain  Steven & Delphine Buhannic
 Start The Car  Tina Neale
 Start To Sway  Sandra Le Brocq
 Stay Beautiful  Marianne Langagne
 Stay Stay Stay!  Niels B. Poulsen
 Stay Up Tonight  Séverine Fillion
 Stealing The Best  Rosie Multari
 Stick Like Glue  Benny Ray & Pernille Ilkjær Knudsen
 Sticks And Stones  Annie Saerens
 Sticks And Stones  Lycia Garnier
 Still In Love  Gerda Klein
 Stings Like AB  Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick
 Stomping It Out  Silke C. Henke
 Stonecold  Niels Poulsen & Maria Maag
 Stop Crying  Cati Torrella
 Straight To Memphis  Kate Sala
 Straight Up Country  Norman Gifford
 Straighten Up  Liz Clarke
 Strait Talkin'  Lavinia & Mick Shann
 Strike Out  Richard Boutet
 Stripes  Ria Vos
 Stroll Along Cha Cha  The Rodeo Cowboys
 Strong Bounds  Séverine Fillion & Bruno Moggia
 Stupidville  Audrey Watson
 Suavemente  Fabien Regoli
 Suds In The Bucket  Danny Leclerc
 Suds In The Bucket  Yvonne Anderson
 Sugar & Pai  Kelli Haugen
 Sugar Kane  Coral Tucker
 Summer Fly  Geoffrey Rothwell
 Summertime With You  Gaye Teather
 Sunbeam  Bruno Moggia
 Sunday Driver  Javier Rodriguez Callego
 Sunny Day  Guylaine Bourdages
 Sunset  Jo Furnari & Lucia Marconi
 Sunshine Express  Knox Rhine
 Suntan City  Gaetan Favreau
 Suntan City  Lisa Johns-Grose
 Surrender  Roy Verdonk & Darren "Daz" Bailey
 Sway (The)  Inconnu
 Sweet & Simple  Nicola Lafferty
 Sweet About Me  Maryloo
 Sweet Caballero  Linda Sansoucy
 Sweet Delight  Dan Albro
 Sweet Delights  Dan Albro
 Sweet Georgia Peaches  Rep Ghazali
 Sweet Maureen  Rafel Corbi
 Sweet Memories  Judy McDonald
 Sweet Memories  Sandrine Tassinari & Magali Lebrun
 Sweet Sangria  Dan Albro
 Sweet Sweet Smile  Fi Scott & Johnny Two-Step
 Sweet Sweet Wine  Judy McDonald
 Sweet Tea  Dan Albro
 Sweety Chicken  Bertrand Cayzergues
 Swing Halleluya!!!  Rob Fowler
 Swingin' Thing  Jo & Rita Thompson
 Swinging Summer  Dan Albro